Forensic Accounting Expert | Uncover Fraud

Managing risk and exposure is key...

Managing risk and exposure is key to the success of your business. When a business dispute or legal challenge develops, specifically one that involves financial accounting, you must have an expert who has the experience and accepted as a court expert. David provides you with sound, dependable and effective litigation support.

As one of Canada’s leading forensic accountants, David Malamed has a reputation for providing expert assistance to the legal community on a wide array of business disputes. By investigating, analyzing and providing an accurate assessment of the financial issues involved and offering expert counsel and fact witness testimony. We have a good track record in supporting an accelerated dispute resolution.

We have in depth experience dealing with:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Construction Claims
  • Extra Expenses
  • Franchise Litigation
  • Insurance Defense
  • Lost Profit
  • Employee Fraud
  • Criminal Fraud
  • Royalty and levy claims