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At Cooper, Green & Warren LLP, we know that your forensic accounting and fraud investigation expert and team are critical to helping you achieve your goals.

We start every engagement by gaining an understanding of the allegations, issues, and insight into any investigation performed to date. Through this process, we create a customized phased plan, budget, and timeline. Each engagement is unique, and as a result, we cannot offer up-front price quotes. There are just too many variables.

While we will provide you with a budget, our fees are billed on actual time incurred. To control costs, we perform our work in a phased approach and where possible delegate work steps to junior staff. There will never be a surprise in fees or our deliverables, as your pre-approval is a must in each phase before any work begins. To ensure you are kept in the loop, we provide regular status updates of findings and fees incurred to date throughout the process. Our standard rates are based on the level of professional experience, ranging between $120-$575 an hour.

Competitive Edge

Our competitive edge

  • Recognized for experience, excellence and expertise
  • Deliver extraordinary customer service
  • Deliver court-ready expert reports with demonstrated results.
  • Guarantee to respond to every phone call or email within 24 hours
  • Strength in strategy and execution