Forensic and Public Accounting Services | Uncover Fraud

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Offering a wide range of services from forensic and fraud investigation, expert witness, fraud prevention to conferences and speaking engagements, David can help you and your company uncover fraud, assists with recovery and help take steps to put in preventative measures to keep it from happening in the future.

Forensic Accounting, Investigation & Fraud Audit

If you suspect fraud, the impact to your organization could be devastating. Now that you suspect or have identified fraud, the speed in which you respond will reduce your business exposure and loss.

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Forensic Accounting Expert

When a business dispute or legal challenge develops, specifically one that involves financial accounting, you must have an expert who has the experience and already accepted as a court expert.

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Fraud prevention reduces your risk exposure. Establishing fraud policies, conducting fraud risk assessments, having a trained team and a whistleblower program in place reduces your exposure by more than 50%.

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Training, Conferences & Speaking Engagements

Training provides an effective way to communicate leaderships commitment to ethical operations. Seeing the tone from the top serious about reducing fraud, training helps control audit fees, exposure and risk.

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