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Keep Employees Feeling Safe

Our Whistleblower Program provides a secure channel communication platform for your clients' employees and vendors to raise concerns without the need to worry about their job safety. You'll be providing a customized portal for each client to learn about their whistleblower program, submit their concerns and continue two-way communication with a whistleblower while maintaining anonymity.

Additionally, you will have a repository and a centralized location to maintain company investigations, findings and communications regarding employee submissions. All communications regarding submissions are housed within our encrypted software.

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How it Works

Simply provide a link to your custom Whistleblower form in a location your employees can access it. When the form is submitted, the appropriate contacts will be notified while ensuring that anybody included in the report is omitted.

Your company will then be provided with a facility to respond to the whistleblower and the whistleblower will also have a method for providing further information as needed. In the end, you'll have a secure and optionally anonymous method for intaking whistleblower reports and managing them until they are considered handled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Features & Benefits

Online Form

Allow reports to be submitted online to avoid speaking to anyone directly.


Provides an anonymous communication channel for your employees and vendors.


All submitted information is stored on our secure servers so not even your IT team can access the reports.


Meet code of conduct, corporate governance, audit committee, and board requirements.

Handle Internally

Deal with issues internally to avoid any negative publicity and unwanted attention.

Improve Processes

Identify deficient or weak internal processes by addressing reported issues.

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  • Up to 5,000 employees
  • All features
  • Billed annually


  • 10,000+ employees

* All prices are per year and based on company size (employee count)

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