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Enhance your Relationship with your Clients with High Value Complementary Service Offerings Including a Turn-Key Whistleblower Program from UncoverFraud.com

Step 1

Sign up for a Whistleblower Law or Accounting Firm Partner Account and provide payment information.

Step 2

Use the provided marketing materials to offer the program to your clients.

Step 3

Charge your customers whatever you’d like while providing them access to new solutions.

Add Value, Reduce Fraud

Did you know that 5% of annual revenue is lost to Fraud? That fraud costs business $50 Billion a year. 75% of frauds are committed by employees. It takes on avergae 16 months to uncover fraud? The best way to reduce the likelihood of fraud is through preventative measures a core piece of which is an anonymous Whistleblower program that empowers and protects employees who have information but are uncomfortable coming forward with it.

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You will receive our exclusive partner rate of 50% off our retail price. Then you can charge your customers according to your own rates that you can set. Combine a professional service and product subscription rate to make more money from clients while delivering new capabilities with the Whistleblower Program. We provide all the tools and services required to run the program. It's 100% turn-key for you.

Additional firm benefits:

  • New revenue channel
  • Annuity revenue for the firm
  • Value add for clients
  • Clients with whistleblower programs reduce firm risk
  • Ability to be ”First Responder” to advisory work or referrals
  • Inexpensive entry into new clients
  • Provides touch points with client throughout the year
  • Turn-key solution-we do all the work with a simplified process
  • Low cost fraud prevention control for clients

Become a Law or Accounting Firm Partner 1 (888) 777-4416

WhistleBlower Partner PROGRAM BENEFITS

Easy Customer Management

Create customers from within your partner account.

Preferred Pricing

You will receive our law or accounting firm discounted rate of 50% off our retail price.

New Solutions

Combine professional services while delivering new capabilities.

Partner Access

Privileges to log into and manage each customer account as needed.

Dedicated Support

Priority access to our team of product experts.

Partner Training

Receive full product training for your entire team.